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Automotive Paint Booths
Automotive paint booths are generally used to spray and bake car paints. Therefore, the most accurate description of paint booths should be “car paint booths”. The paint room is mechanically controlled, which saves space and is easy to use. At the same time, the primer and top coat can be forced to dry, speed up the work, and improve work efficiency and coating quality.
The automotive paint booth is a complete set of large equipment. Before use, the car generally has to undergo pre-treatment. This not only eliminates the drawbacks of manual processing, improves work efficiency and can improve the quality of the paint surface in the paint repair work. This is not only because the paint booth can evenly heat and quickly dry the paint surface according to the setting of the operator, and the paint booth can isolate the pollution caused by external dust and other pollutants on the paint, so that the subsequent polishing and the like can be omitted.
As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier in China, our factory is able to provide the automotive spray booth for sale with premium quality, easy operation as well as outstanding performance.
  • Cheap Spray Booth

    Cheap Spray Booth

    Infrared spray booth is a kind of green products that it doesn't need a diesel as fuel, but only environmental infrared lamps for heating. It is environmentally friendly that it produces no carbon dioxide, contributing to the protection of nature.
    The cheap spray booth...

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  • Auto Body Spray Booth

    Auto Body Spray Booth

    The spray booth is professionally designed to provide excellent containment and curing for all models of any trucks, cars or autos. In order to let the car come in, the auto body spray booth is designed with three doors which is wide enough.
    Equipped with the...

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  • Vehicle Spray Booth

    Vehicle Spray Booth

    Centrifugal Fan Car Paint Chamber, Car Oven Spray Booth Color Optional Features 1, 2X4.5KW centrifugal fan for intake, 5.5KW fan for extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, #304 stainless steel heat exchanger. 4, All LED lights, energy save and...

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  • Truck Spray Booth

    Truck Spray Booth

    Quality brand name turbo fan,with air capacity of 30000m ³/h, which has fast speed, enhancing the working efficiency that it is cost effective.
    The truck spray booth is professionally designed with large dimension that it is mainly for the trucks, which is convenient...

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  • Automotive Spray Booth

    Automotive Spray Booth

    The automotive spray booth is equipped with three folding doors which is large enough to make sure the auto come in with steady operation. And it also has the emergency door to provide the safe working environment.
    Galvanized steel frame, it has high strength and...

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  • Downdraft Spray Booth

    Downdraft Spray Booth

    The downdraft spray booth is a kind of standard paint booth which is widely used for car painting. It is capable of providing a special environment for painting operations that it can meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, illuminance and air cleanliness of...

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