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Industrial Paint Booth
Industrial Paint Booth is to paint objects in a room which is also painted and colored. Also known as paint booths. The spray booth is a device that provides a special environment for painting operations. It can meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, illuminance and air cleanliness of painting operations. It can be used to limit and treat paint mist and organic waste gas generated during painting operations. It is a type of coating equipment.
It is convenient to operate which is able to perform steadily and successfully with fine results. And it is durable with long service life that it can be used for a long time. Resistant to water, oxygen and dust, it is practical that it can keep intact as new even after the long-term use.
As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier inyaboVIP8, our factory is able to provide the industrial spray booth for sale with premium quality, easy operation as well as outstanding performance.
  • Car Spray Paint Booth

    Car Spray Paint Booth

    Great leak-proof and sealing effects. These panels of the car spray paint booth come together with a virtually airtight seal. This leak-proof seal reduces the possibility for contamination, resulting in a cleaner booth and saved the time of maintenance.
    This car spray...

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  • Indoor Spray Paint Booth

    Indoor Spray Paint Booth

    LED Lights Professional Car Spray Booth , Auto Body Paint Booth 4.5M Width Features 1, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for intake, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, #304 stainless steel heat exchanger. 4, All LED lights,...

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  • Economy Paint Booth

    Economy Paint Booth

    The paint booth is a equipment which is mainly designed for painting the appliances which can greatly improve the printing quality as well as reduce the waste of paints.
    Made of high quality stainless steel, it is resistant to dust, oxygen and corrosion which is...

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  • Standard Paint Booth

    Standard Paint Booth

    With the ergonomic floor area, it is capable of creating a large open spraying area, making your operation easily and conveniently with stead, consistent and outstanding performance.
    Integrated control system as well as the purification system, the standard paint...

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  • Powder Paint Booth

    Powder Paint Booth

    Blue Open Face Industrial Paint Spray Booth High Efficiency Combined Mixing Room Features 1. Spray booth with gas burner heating. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure 3. Pressure device inside the control panel. 4. Quality brand-name turbo fan and belt...

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  • Commercial Paint Booth

    Commercial Paint Booth

    The door is equipped with an observation window, so that it is easy to observe the dynamics of the room at any time.
    With the centrifugal fan which is designed with belt drive, the commercial paint booth is available to perform silently with little noise, providing the...

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  • Auto Paint Spray Booth

    Auto Paint Spray Booth

    The paint is very uniform, because the air in the booth is circulated in full drop, which makes the temperature in all places in the room consistent, overcoming the shortcomings of uneven paint.
    The auto paint spray booth is reliable in operation, simple in operation...

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  • Vehicle Paint Booth

    Vehicle Paint Booth

    Equipped with heat recuperation system,the yabovip16 is energy-saving and efficient that it can make full use of the heat with less waste.
    Adopting the electric damper for intake and exhaust which is capable of controlling the air flow, the vehicle paint...

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  • Professional Paint Booth

    Professional Paint Booth

    The paint booth is especially engineered by the technological teams with long-term research that it is able to provide the excellent performance which is suitable for professional applications.
    Made of premium galvanized steel, the professional paint booth is durable...

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  • Indoor Paint Booth

    Indoor Paint Booth

    All-in-one design, the paint booth is mainly designed for indoor use. The indoor paint booth refers to a room equipped with a painting machine for painting work. It is available to meet the requirements of temperature, humidity, illuminance and air cleanliness of painting...

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  • Auto Body Shop Paint Booth

    Auto Body Shop Paint Booth

    Infrared spray booth, which is quite environmentally friendly that it contains no harmful substances, greatly improving the working efficiency.
    All panels with tongue and groove interlock structure to make sure the high strength to perform steadily and...

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  • Large Paint Booth

    Large Paint Booth

    15 Meters Industrial Truck Spray Paint Booth Energy Saving 15X5X5 M Internal Size Features 1. 0.476mm color steel with EPS inside for wall panel. 2. Quality brand name turbo fan,with air capacity of 30000m ³/h 3. Pneumatic damper for spraying to baking cycle. 4. All panels...

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