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Paint Spray Booth
Paint Spray Booth is one of the painting rooms, and the so-called painting room refers to a room equipped with a painting machine for painting work. The spray paint room also includes a powder spray room, a paint immersion room, a curtain paint room, and the like. The spray booth is the most complex coating room for liquid coating, structural and equipment, and is a key equipment in the paint shop. Combined with various spraying methods (such as air spraying, airless high-pressure spraying, electrostatic spraying, etc.), and adapting to a wide variety of changes in the coated object, the spray booth has a variety of shapes. In the painting room, except for the spray booth and the powder spray outdoor, the structure and device of other paint booths are relatively simple, and the purpose and function are only dust-proof and ventilation (discharge of solvent vapor) As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier inyabovip25, our factory is able to provide the www. yabovip.com for sale with premium quality, easy operation as well as outstanding performance.
  • Spray Paint Booth

    Spray Paint Booth

    Equipped with the scientific filtering system, the spray paint booth is available to purify the air, reducing the waste and avoiding the air pollution, promoting the protection to the environment.
    Infrared system is fixed on wall, which is capable of separated control....

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  • Car Paint Booth

    Car Paint Booth

    This product is equipped with 7.5KW turbo fan for air intake and extraction. This fan takes up a small space but outputs a larger air volume, which improves the paint effect.
    304 stainless steel heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can transfer heat between materials at...

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  • Garage Paint Booth

    Garage Paint Booth

    Custom Infrared Heating Garage Spray Booth , Car Spray Painting Equipment Features 1. Infrared spray booth, don’t need a diesel as fuel ,only environmental infrared lamps for heating. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure 3. 10 units short wave infrared...

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  • Paint Booth For Auto Parts

    Paint Booth For Auto Parts

    Paint Booth For Auto Parts

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  • 20M Spray Booth
  • Cheap Paint Booth

    Cheap Paint Booth

    The cheap paint booth is equipped with a filter to fully filter the dust entering the air in the paint booth.
    In addition, its ventilation system allows sufficient ventilation in the paint booth to maintain the cleanliness of the air in the paint booth, thus ensuring...

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  • Auto Body Paint Booth

    Auto Body Paint Booth

    The entire paint booth is a built-in structure. The house body is made of high quality wall panels, which has good sealing and heat preservation performance. There is a work door on the side of the room to facilitate the entry and exit of the staff. The aluminum alloy is...

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  • Open Face Paint Booth

    Open Face Paint Booth

    This open face paint booth can provide an ideal painting environment, controlled by several sets of ventilation, heating system and filtration system. The heated air produced by the heating system helps the spray booth maintain proper temperature, airflow and...

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  • Spray Bake Painting Booth

    Spray Bake Painting Booth

    The paint booth is a combination of painting and baking paint. It saves the space and is easy to use. At the same time, the primer and the top paint can be forced to dry, speed up the work, improve the work efficiency and coating quality.

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  • Semi Downdraft Paint Booth

    Semi Downdraft Paint Booth

    Its frame is all made of premium galvanized steel that it is resistant to corrosion, oxygen and dust that it can be used for a long time. It is durable with prolonged service life that it is available to maintain intact which is as same as the new.

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  • Side Draft Paint Booth

    Side Draft Paint Booth

    It is made of premium quality stainless steel that it has stable and strong construction to make sure the normal and steady operation with fine results. Resistant to water, dust, oxygen and corrosion, the side draft paint booth is available to last for working for a long...

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  • Downdraft Paint Booth

    Downdraft Paint Booth

    This product is a powerful spray booth which is especially designed to hold finished products that require painting. In addition to simplifying production, it also provides important security for workers and the environment.
    Painting can be carried out in a...

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