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  • BY-3 Infrared Spray Booth

    BY-3 Infrared Spray Booth

    Model NO.: BY-3 Heating Mode: Infrared heating

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  • BY-2 Infrared Spray Booth

    BY-2 Infrared Spray Booth

    Model NO.: BY-2 Heating Mode: Infrared heating Paint Mist Treatment: Dry-type Condition: New Fan Form: Centrifugal fan Warranty Time: 2 Years Standard Color: White Design: Full-Downdraft Standard Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3pH for Motors, 220V 50Hz 3pH for Lights Lights:LED...

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  • Spray Paint Booth

    Spray Paint Booth

    Equipped with the scientific filtering system, the spray paint booth is available to purify the air, reducing the waste and avoiding the air pollution, promoting the protection to the environment.
    Infrared system is fixed on wall, which is capable of separated control....

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  • Car Paint Booth

    Car Paint Booth

    This product is equipped with 7.5KW turbo fan for air intake and extraction. This fan takes up a small space but outputs a larger air volume, which improves the paint effect.
    304 stainless steel heat exchanger. The heat exchanger can transfer heat between materials at...

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  • Garage Paint Booth

    Garage Paint Booth

    Custom Infrared Heating Garage Spray Booth , Car Spray Painting Equipment Features 1. Infrared spray booth, don’t need a diesel as fuel ,only environmental infrared lamps for heating. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure 3. 10 units short wave infrared...

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  • Car Spray Paint Booth

    Car Spray Paint Booth

    Great leak-proof and sealing effects. These panels of the car spray paint booth come together with a virtually airtight seal. This leak-proof seal reduces the possibility for contamination, resulting in a cleaner booth and saved the time of maintenance.
    This car spray...

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  • Indoor Spray Paint Booth

    Indoor Spray Paint Booth

    LED Lights Professional Car Spray Booth , Auto Body Paint Booth 4.5M Width Features 1, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for intake, 7.5KW centrifugal fan for extraction. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure. 3, #304 stainless steel heat exchanger. 4, All LED lights,...

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  • Economy Paint Booth

    Economy Paint Booth

    The paint booth is a equipment which is mainly designed for painting the appliances which can greatly improve the printing quality as well as reduce the waste of paints.
    Made of high quality stainless steel, it is resistant to dust, oxygen and corrosion which is...

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  • Standard Paint Booth

    Standard Paint Booth

    With the ergonomic floor area, it is capable of creating a large open spraying area, making your operation easily and conveniently with stead, consistent and outstanding performance.
    Integrated control system as well as the purification system, the standard paint...

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  • Powder Paint Booth

    Powder Paint Booth

    Blue Open Face Industrial Paint Spray Booth High Efficiency Combined Mixing Room Features 1. Spray booth with gas burner heating. 2. All panels are tongue and groove interlock structure 3. Pressure device inside the control panel. 4. Quality brand-name turbo fan and belt...

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  • Dry Filter Spray Booth

    Dry Filter Spray Booth

    With the scientific and ergonomic design, the dry filter spray booth uses all panels are tongue and groove interlock structure to make sure the stable and steady operation of the equipment.
    It is equipped with the safety tempered glass, which is a kind of glass that is...

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  • Spray Booth Oven

    Spray Booth Oven

    With heat recuperation system, the equipment is energy-saving and efficient, which is also cost effective. The spray booth oven is of guaranteed quality, intelligent operation as well as wonderful performance.
    The spray booth oven is equipped with the high quality...

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